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What is a request for admissions?

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A request for admissions, much like the phrase implies, is a set of declarative statements sent from one litigant to another in a civil procedure that must be specifically answered with either an admission or denial, or under certain circumstances, with a non-reply if the truthfulness of a statement is entirely unknown. As part of the discovery process, the request for admissions must be completed before the actual start of the trial, and as such, the admissions will be on record during the entire trial process. The purpose being that certain issues in the trial can now be argued through relevant admission records, thus bypassing the need to constantly present evidence throughout the trial which potentially quickens it’s pace and efficiency. Importantly, if a request for admission is not timely denied, it is deemed admitted. Requests for admissions are utilized in all intellectual property cases, namely, patent, trademark, trade secret and copyright cases.

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