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6668483         Insect bait and control system

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Trivisani , et al.       December 30, 2003


The present invention is a device for the elimination and control of termites and other insects, comprising a plurality of cellulose-containing strands and at least one pesticide-containing component interwoven with said strands to form a generally circular rope. In one embodiment, the pesticide-containing component may be comprised of a single extruded filament or a treated fiber. It may alternatively be comprised of a cellulosic tube containing the pesticide, or a cellulose paper upon which the pesticide is placed prior to being twisted into a strand. It can also be comprised of a group of fibers or filaments woven into a stand. Finally, the rope may incorporate an identifier strip and be covered by a mesh, which constricts upon removal, thus containing the spent material securely. In application, the pesticide containing rope can be entrenched in the ground, placed in areas frequented by termites, or wound around trees to control wood-eating insects.

Insect bait and control system


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