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20070078032 A1 Tennis training apparatus and method of use thereof

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Kunsman, Martin     April 5, 2007


A tennis training apparatus, and method of use thereof, for improving a forehand and/or backhand of a tennis player. The apparatus includes a wristband, an "L"-shaped bracket attached to the racket, and an inflexible strap linking the L-shaped bracket to the wristband. When the strap is tightened, it causes the wrist to bend backwards in extension at an approximately ninety degree angle to the forearm. A second component of the training aid is a restraining plate in the form of a torso attachment worn by the player, wherein the torso attachment retains alignment of the player's hand, hips and shoulders; thereby, forcing the player to rotate his hips to perform a stroke. An alternate training apparatus comprises a plate affixed to the base of the handle of the tennis racket. The player's forearm rests against the plate and the plate restrains the player's wrist angle at approximately ninety degrees.

Tennis training apparatus


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